Services Provided:

Individual, Group Therapy:   I am a highly qualified therapist, and enjoy working with individuals and groups with all kinds of needs.

Working with Those Who Experience Difficulties in the Workplace:

Many intelligent, resourceful and dedicated individuals find themselves stuck - feeling like they are trapped in careers or jobs that are not meaningful and that do not align with their personal values.  If you are one of these people, there is hope:

Working with me, you will learn to:

    Make full contact with your dissatisfaction and suffering.

    Become skilled at self-observation, so that you can fully know when things are going well and when they aren't.

    Become aware of what you value and what is important to you.

    Begin to take steps to move toward what you value.

What this therapy is not:  This is NOT career counseling - I will not help you to learn to be a better corporate citizen or human resource.  This therapy is for YOUR benefit - not your employer's!

Moving toward what you value can be an extremely healing and rewarding experience!

Working with Older Adults: 

While the individualism of American culture has many advantages (such as freedom, opportunity, creativity, etc.), one of the side effects is that many of us have become isolated - from our friends, our neighbors, or local communities, even from our families.  Nowhere is this more true than with the elderly.  During an internship with the Institute on Aging in San Francisco, I had the opportunity and privilege to meet with and provide psychotherapy for elderly clients in their homes (yes, sometimes psychologists DO make house calls).  I found that many of the people I met were very isolated - for some I was their ONLY significant contact with the outside world!  And yet, despite their isolation, financial stress, medical issues, and often end of life issues, I found that these clients were intent devoting themselves to doing the work necessary to alleviate their own suffering.  I found the work to be immensely enjoyable and rewarding and have developed a passion for working with older adults.  

Acknowledging and gaining acceptance of a lifetime of experiences can be very healing!

Working with Men:

Men and women offer unique perspectives regarding what it means to be alive, to thrive, to suffer, to feel pain, and to dream.  While there are many similarities between the sexes regarding these qualities, each gender has unique experiences that make their needs, aspirations, dreams, and nightmares truly their own.  No man can ever fully understand what it is like to be a woman.  No woman can fully understand what it like to be a man.

I have found in my professional practice that it can be helpful for a client to have a therapist of the same sex, because both the therapist and client can relate to the unique experiences of that gender.  In my opinion one of the key ingredients to successful therapy is the ability of the therapist to feel empathy for the client, as this allows the therapist to more fully connect with the client's experiences, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes.  The more the therapist and client have in common (such as gender) the deeper the experience of empathy.

Note:  The advantages of gender match between therapist and client is by no means universal: Sometimes it can be extremely beneficial to have a therapist of the opposite gender so that one can use the therapist to work out issues/trauma/neglect that occurred because of someone of the opposite gender).